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"Working with Barry has helped me take my career to the next level in a strategic way. From our initial meeting the hard work began, the energy and motivation after each session allowed me to have the confidence to look inward and tackle my weaknesses.


I now have the confidence to make more informed career decisions, set goals & and take on new challenges to push myself in the right direction. 

I highly recommend Barry as a strategic coach for anyone that wants to take control of their career development" J Cork


"Taking the first step and reaching out to Barry was one of the best decisions I have made in a long time. From day one, at our first meeting, Barry made me feel comfortable and I left feeling hopeful and motivated. 

Barry helped me to see where the true source of my issues lay and expertly guided me in tackling them, giving me the motivation and strength to make the changes in my life that have put me on the path to where I want to my career.

Barry has introduced me to coaching methods which I now use with others in my daily work, to great success. Barry has therefore not only helped me personally but has given me the tools to help my entire team to grow and succeed.

I highly recommend Barry as a career coach if you are feeling stuck and looking to find someone to assist you in finding the right direction for your career" A Cork.

Feedback from coaching sessions organizational setting..  

Could consider how you perceived this coaching function benefits the team, organization, and ultimately the business?  Coaching definitely helps to improve individual performance and creates greater self-awareness which will have an impact upon the team’s performance. Improved team performance helps to achieve key goals and priorities which ultimately has a positive impact on the company.  

Is there anything that didn’t work or wasn’t beneficial? – nothing to report here except to state that I plan on continuing the coaching journey so as to keep on improving 

How did the coaching relationship develop, what worked here or didn’t work? Think about how honest and at ease you felt, rapport, and comfortability sharing.
I very much enjoyed how you clearly defined how sessions would take place i.e. What is required of each party and how this led to creating a good rapport which allowed for honest exchange of feedback. Establishing trust is key to any relationship – this certainly helped me to get the most from each session held. I felt very at ease communicating as we both had vested interests in making the sessions a success. Another contributing factor for me was your independence and impartiality i.e. no direct managerial impact, but rather someone who is prepared to invest in the coaching process. 

Concerning planning and organizing the session, administration, and my explanation of coaching, what worked and didn’t? 
This was all well-planned and communicated. The additional perspective that you brought to the sessions really helped me to execute some of the challenging conversations/meetings I had to set up/deal with. Always appreciative of a new perspective as it helps to reduce any “blind spots” so that you are better prepared when conducting those conversations.

What did you learn about yourself from the coaching process?  
To continue with an inquisitive mindset and exploratory approach. Build your brand by establishing and maintaining trust. Exemplify company values via your conduct. Continue to make an impact in your own way. 

Could you get a sense of your story? What strengths do you have and what interference may be getting in the way? 
Harness the strength that flows from diversity. Good people skills on a 121 basis. Greater confidence will help me to develop and foster relationships within the wider  oragnisation as well. Utilize the lessons learned from coaching and apply these as part of my day-to-day activities.

Consider your resilience, do you recognize change here?  
Personally feel that my resilience has been enhanced by increasing self-awareness and increased confidence in my own abilities. 

What has changed? What are you noticing about yourself?
Embracing what I am learning and applying it as I take on or encounter new challenges. Thinking about what approach to use in order to resolve any issues that arise and how to land messages correctly so that they have the desired impact. F USA


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